―Mars Creature as Scrat hits Mars[src]
Mars Creature (character)
Mars Creature
Physical Attributes
Species Mars Creature
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Green
Biological Information
Status Deceased, turned to stone and became dust
Residence(s) Mars
Friends Mars Creatures
Enemies Scrat
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

The Mars Creature (character) was a fish-like animal that witnessed Scrat crashing into Mars.


Living on Mars, this Mars creature got on land after swimming and saw a UFO. This creature screamed and curled up in fear as Scrat, a saber-tooth squirrel, had lost control of it and crashed into Mars, destroying all life on Mars, including this creature. The crash turned this Mars creature to ash. Scrat touched it with his foot, and it blew away as dust, making Scrat whistle, as if nothing happened.


This Mars creature was covered with green scales and had black eyes, looking similar to a siren.