Master Of The Seas - Gutt
The Master of the Seas is a song which Gutt, an ape voiced by Peter Dinklage in Ice Age: Continental Drift sings. It's about Gutt being the master of the seas, of course. It's sang by Gutt, ShiraFlynnRazSquintSilasGupta, and even a little by MannySid and Diego


Here you are on a boat
You're adrift
You're afloat
One might even say you're stuck
Well I don't want to gloat but
I would like to note that you're in luck
You've been saved by the ape that rules these waters
So forget about your wives and daughters!
First mate introduce me to them pleeease!
Aye, Aye, Captain Gutt.
He's a big scary
Elegant and hairy
Feared inspiring years till' retiring
Lootting stealing
Banana peeling!
Undisputed master of the seas!
Oh jeez
That's me!
Tis' he!
That's me!
Tis' he!
That's me!
Tis' he!
Okay, Okay,
I'm a primate pirate pioneer and these are my brave buccaneers
All of whom were once lost souls like you
It's true!
He rescued us!
He saved our butts!
For that we owe our lives to Gutt and assuming he doesn't kill you
You will owe him too!
Here we are on ship
Moving at quite a clip through the ever shifting ice
Come along on a trip
That's a hint
That's a tip
That's good advice
In a world that's going under
To survive you must learn to plunder
Luckily that's my field of expertise
He's the best!
He's a robbing thieving
We really should be leaving
Weapon throwing
We gotta get going
Sloth slaying
Wish we could be staying
Monkey suited
Yeah you guessed it!
Master of the seas!
Oh please!
That's me!
Tis' he!
That's me!
Tis' he!
It's who?
It's you!
Just testing
I knew
It's me!