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Mindy Lee Sterling
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair color Dyed red
Birth July 11, 1953
Occupation Actress
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown (first)
Ice Age: The Meltdown (latest)
Portrayed Vera

Mindy Lee Sterling, born in Patterson, New Jersey, is an actress. She voices the Musk ox Vera in Ice Age: The Meltdown.

Daughter of comedian Dick Sterling with a dancer as her mother, Sterling began training to become an actress at the age of thirteen. Around 1973, Sterling took on a recurring role on the children's television show titled Dusty's Treehouse. Sterling later joined the famed Los Angeles-based comedic troupe The Groundlings. In 2000, Sterling made an appearance as a celebrity guest on Hollywood Squares, later coming back to the show in 2002.

Sterling was married to Brian Gadson for a time and has since divorced him, having one child with him.

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