"I'm a molehog, my head's supposed to be underground..."
―Louis to Peaches on being underground.[src]
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species HedgeHog
Height Approx. 10 in'
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Diet Omnivore

Molehogs used to be small mammals that lived during the ice ages.


Small tunneling mammals, molehogs had small round ears, short clawed paws, backs coated in short spines and a stocky build. Most molehogs had long snouts, though exceptions, such as Louis, existed, as Louis had a shorter snout and a grayish pelt, a trait often seen in older molehogs rather than young ones.


Molehogs were among the animals that lived in Ice Valley, a valley surrounded by massive walls of ice. Upon learning that it was to flood over with the massive amounts of oncoming meltwater, the molehog population made a hasty retreat to a boat formed from a fallen tree situated at the end of the valley.

The molehogs all left the valley alive and well, where they sought lives elsewhere, a number of them finding themselves among the animals accosted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a creature long since believed extinct, that was searching for her missing young.

Further on in time, some molehogs made a move to the coastal regions, where they were most affected by the shift of the continents, none more so than Louis, a young molehog that had an affinity for a mammoth named Peaches. Molehogs were smaller, tunneling animals, with medium sized round ears (size compared to their body), shortly clawed paws, a back covered in shorter quills and a thinner body. They had a short muzzle and were covered in a division of a grey and brown pelt. Their quills were elongated on top of their head to create a more stylish hairstyle.

Few years later, some molehogs witnessed a meteor shower, and, not long after that, they were invited to the wedding of Peaches and Julian, two mammoths that were members of the herd that stopped a deadly asteroid.

Behind the Scenes

The molehogs' name is a portmanteau of "mole" and "hedgehog", as they share traits with both creatures.


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