"A Mother is crying...."
―Buck to Dino-Birds[src]
Mother Triceratops
Mother Triceratops
Physical Attributes
Species Triceratops
Gender Female
Skin Color Burnt orange
Biological Information
Status Alive
Residence(s) Dino World
Family Baby Triceratops (child)
Friends Buck (friend)
Enemies Gavin (enemy)
Gertie (enemy)
Roger (enemy)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

This Mother Triceratops was a Triceratops that had her egg stolen by a family of Dino-Birds in the Dinosaur World.


This mother was crying, attempting to get her egg back from the Dino-birds, but she couldn't fly. A weasel named Buck was taking a shower, before he noticed the distressed mother, and decided to get the egg from the Dino-Birds. Roger, a Dino-Bird, had the egg. Buck dived down and plucked a feather off of Roger and tickled his feet, making him let go of the egg as he grabbed it. Buck ended up in a small cave with Gavin, a Dino-Bird trying to get to him.  The egg was safely returned to this mother and she licks Buck, giving him a kiss to thank him.

Personality & Traits

This Triceratops was a loving mother and would do anything for her egg. She had burnt orange scales.