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Musk ox
Sid musk ox
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Ox
Height Approx. 4 ft'
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

Musk oxen are large mammals that lived during the ice age into modern times.


Thickly-built herbivores, musk oxen typically sported dense woolly coats and large horns employed in asserting dominance and combating against any potential predators. Musk oxen typically congregated in herds with other animals.


During the days of the ice age, a number of musk oxen lived in an expansive valley that would soon experience a "meltdown", in which the ice making up much of its terrain would undergo a cataclysmic change: the ice would melt, drenching the whole of the valley in water insomuch that all creatures therein would drown. The musk oxen, along with drove of other animals, wasted no time in leaving the valley in the pursuit of a "boat", a massive fallen tree that could take all animals living in the valley to safety. The musk oxen, along with all other animals, made it to safety and left the valley alive and well. Since that time, the musk oxen lived amongst other animals within the Snow Valley, some even encountering an angry Tyrannosaurus on the lookout for her three young hatchlings, a creature that all other animals thought had long since gone extinct.


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Behind the Scenes

Musk oxen are among the species of animals that survived the ice ages.

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