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"Y'all got some ugly goldfish.Granny to Gutt on the narwhals"
―Ice Age: Continental Drift

Vital statistics
Class Mammalia
Height Approx. 12 feet long
Eye color Varying
Hair color
Feather color
Skin color Whitish with grey striping
Diet Piscivore
Other names
Species information
First appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
Latest appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
Last appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift

Narwhals are small whales that live in cold waters.


Small in size for whales, narwhals swim in cold waters and are about twelve feet long. Most notably, male narwhals sport a long spiraled, twisting tusk consisting of one of their teeth. Powerful swimmers, narwhals can reach quick speeds in the water.


A pod of narwhals constantly followed the ice ship of the seafaring ape Gutt, who threw any malcontents into the waters for the narwhals to dispose of. They were completely subservient to Gutt, coming when he whistled, pushing his ship when needed, and even acting as steeds at one point. What became of them after Gutt's defeat is unknown.


Behind the Scenes

True narwhals are not aggressive at all, unlike the narwhals shown in the film.


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