"Here we are on ship, moving at quite a clip through the ever shifting ice."
―Gutt to Manny[src]
Pirate Ship
Inhabitants Gutt (formerly)
Flynn (formerly)
Raz (formerly)
Dobson (formerly)
Gupta (formerly)
Silas (formerly)
Manny (formerly)
Sid (formerly)
Granny (formerly)
Diego (formerly)
Shira (formerly)
Scrat (formerly)
Rats (formerly)
Squint (formerly)

The Pirate Ship was Gutt and the pirates's first ship that was made out of ice.


It is not known how this pirate ship was made or how long the pirate gang had been sailing on it. One day, the crew dragged in an iceberg with a mammoth named Manny, two ground sloths named Sid and Granny, and a Saber-Tooth Tiger named Diego. They tied them up and tried to get them to join their crew but Manny didn't accept this. He told them that nothing would stop him from getting to his family. Manny and Diego were able to get untied, and destroy the ship. While the rats on board escape, Scrat, a saber-tooth squirrel, jumps off and makes it to safety. Manny, Diego, Sid and Granny end up saving Shira, a female saber-tooth cat, while floating on one of the ice chunks from the ship.


The Pirate Ship is made out of ice and has spikes on the front. It has tree branches, held in place by vines, so Gupta, a badger, can be the flag.