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Vital statistics
Class Mammalia
Height Approx. 7.5 feet tall
Eye color Varying
Hair color
Feather color
Skin color Grey
Diet Herbivore
Other names
Species information
First appearance Ice Age: The Meltdown
Latest appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
Last appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift

Platybelodon, known also as shovelmouths, were large elephantine mammals that lived during the ice ages.


Platybelodon had small ears, thickly-built bodies, and three-toed feet. Their most notable trait, though, was their long, flat mouth, topped with two flat, wide front bottom teeth. Platybelodon moved in herds and moved slowly most of the time.


The Platybelodon were among the animals to migrate south, and were found most abundantly in the Ice Valley, where a number of them enjoyed the waterpark, but left it quickly upon hearing that the valley was to flood over, caused by the tons of ice and snow that were melting.

The Platybelodon left the Ice Valley alive and found new homes elsewhere, notably in the Snow Valley, where a number of them met a furious mother Tyrannosaurus Rex, a species thought of as extinct, that was searching for her missing children.

Later on, the Platybelodon were among other creatures that lived through the days of the continental drift and left the land they lived quickly, along with other creatures, once the land began to be split by the continental drift. The Platybelodon present during the migration away from the drift had found a new home, reaching it by a travel aboard a massive iceberg to a far-off landmass.


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Behind the Scenes

The Platybelodon was slated to appear in the first movie under the name "shovelmouth". As with many of the other animals in the films, the Platybelodon were not true animals of the ice ages, but rather the era prior to them.

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