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Physical Attributes
Species Reindeer
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Light Brown
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Residence(s) North Pole
Family Comet
Friends Santa
Shorts Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Voiced by T. J. Miller

Prancer was a magical reindeer who was able to fly.

He is voiced by T. J. Miller.



Coming soon!

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

In Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, Prancer is first seen when he saves Peaches, Crash, Eddie, and Sid from falling from a cliff while getting stranded in a whiteout. Then his antlers cause an avalanche, which destroys Santa's presents. But then, when Mini-sloths and the Sub-Zero Heroes help Santa, Prancer tries to pull a sleigh full of presents alone, but fails. He flies away, but then returns with his family. They help Prancer with pulling the sleigh and succeed. Prancer understands that nothing's impossible if you pull together. Prancer and his family promise to help Santa every Christmas.


A bit of a hotshot and full of himself, Prancer likes to show off his flying skills but he is a helpful kind of guy, stating his family taught him to be kind to strangers.

He jumped at the chance to pull Santa's sleigh but got his ego bruised when he relized he coulnd't do it, although he was inspired by Manny's words to accept help from his family, having learned that everyone can use some help.

He didn't like how Crash & Eddie laughed at his name, muttering "It's a family name."


Santa He and his family will help Santa to give presents every Christmas.

The Sub-Zero Heroes

He saves Sid, Peaches, Crash and Eddie from falling off a cliff, and becomes their friend.


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