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Raz "Let's Rhumba tiny !"
Vital statistics
Class Mammalia
Height Approx. 6.6 feet
Eye color Varying
Hair color Varying
Feather color
Skin color
Diet Herbivore
Other names
Species information
First appearance Scrat's Continental Crack-up Part 2
Latest appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
Last appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift

Procoptodons were a genus of giant short-faced kangaroos living in Australia during the ice ages.


Procoptodons had a short, flat face with small, forward-facing eyes. Their long, flappy ears tapered behind their heads and their short mouths were filled with flat teeth. Unlike modern kangaroos, Procoptodons had one toe on each foot, which resembled a horse's hoof; through these feet, Procoptodons were capable of quick, speedy jumps and kicks, the latter performed by balancing on their short, powerful tails and striking out with their long feet. Along with this, Procoptodons had short front paws equipped with sharp claws.


Procoptodon, as a species, resided in the same landmass as all other animals before the continental drift, but were separated from the rest of the world when the continents were divided.

One Procoptodon by the name of Raz was rescued by Captain Gutt, and subsequently joined his crew.


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