Roger (Ice Age 3)
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Animalia
Species Harpactognathus
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Light green with faded lilac
Diet Carnivore

Harpactognathus was a flying reptile that lived during the time of the dinosaurs.


Large flying reptiles, Harpactognathuses had large, leathery wings which formed an extension of their front limbs, along with a compact, bat-like frame, short hind limbs, a long, thin tail, long crest atop the head and a long beak filled with sharp teeth used for catching prey.


Among the creatures that lived during the dinosaurs' age was the Harpactognathus, which flew the skies with other flying reptiles until the cataclysm that brought the dinosaurs to their extinction. A number of Harpactognathus, along with other creatures of the age, escaped to an underground world where they thrived as they had years before.

One such Harpactognathus was one individual named Roger, who was caught by a weasel named Buck, along with two possums named Crash and Eddie: the three mammals rode Roger's back through the land, dodging a flock of quetzalcoatlus.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Due to the fact that they lived alongside dinosaurs most people considered pterosaurs as dinosaurs, however they are not. Pterosaurs are different order of reptiles. Although some dinosaurs could fly or swim, they weren't evolved to rule either of them. The term dinosaur was used for terrestrial land reptiles that live 65 million years ago with special leg bones.
  • Unlike the film version, real pterosaurs sported a covering of fur-like filaments known as pycnofibres.

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