"What is the matter with you?"
―Mother Beaver to Sid[src]
Pudgy Beaver Mom
Yoko vs beaver
Physical Attributes
Species Beaver
Gender Female
Fur Color Brown
Biological Information
Alias Mom (by son)
Status Unknown
Residence(s) Playground (formerly)
Family Son
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Voiced by Kristen Wiig

This Beaver was a mother of at least one younger beaver.


The beaver was one among a whole village of animals, and had appeared upon hearing that the mammoth Manny had raised a false alarm about Ellie, his wife, who was expecting. Sid, a ground sloth and member of Manny's family, had then tried to compliment the beaver on being pregnant, to which the angry beaver mother snapped that she was not pregnant and struck the sloth with a stick.

One day, the beaver mother's young child ventured into a snow playground built by Manny, who had constructed the playground for his unborn child. In the playground, the young beaver was bullied somewhat by three young Tyrannosaurus that were the adopted children of Sid and the beaver mother called Sid out on his parenting, to which Sid called out that he was a single parent.


An irritable parent, the beaver mother was protective of her child and was quick to point out at least Sid's faults on how he raised his children.

Though built like other beavers, with a fur coat, flippered feet and hands, flat tail and horn atop her head, this beaver mother was somewhat overweight, prompting Sid to remark that she must be pregnant.


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Behind the Scenes

The beaver was voiced by Kristen Wiig.