"Hasta la vista, birdie!"
Eddie after defeating a Quetzalcoatlus.[src]
Quetzalcoatlus 5
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Quetzalcoatlus
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Carnivore

Quetzalcoatlus were large flying reptiles which lived during the ice age in an underground world.


Quetzalcoatlus lived in groups or were solitary, they were oftentimes scavengers searching for small or vulnerable prey. They had sharp teeth and a long slender beak and they were capable of doing various maneuvers while flying.


A group of ten Quetzalcoatlus lived by the Lava Falls. One day, they saw a Harpactognathus named Roger passing by, ridden by a weasel named Buck and two opossums named Crash and Eddie. The group of predators immediately began to chase them, but the opossums were able to knock some of them down shooting at them with explosive berries. The remaining predators chased their preys while returning to the Lava Falls. Unfortunately, while these last were able to fly away from the lava, Quetzalcoatlus weren't as lucky as them and crashed into it, and were burned alive.

Another specimen was flying down a cliff when suddenly it saw an Archaeopteryx which was falling, and finding it an easy meal, the predator swooped down and ate it. Another was seen by itself when it knocked out Roger, who was chased by the other Quetzalcoatlus.


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