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"We're bunnies. Okay? We're soft. We're cute. We're cuddly. We got button noses and fluffy tails. Handcrafted by nature to make everyone go "aww". And you found a way to make the whole animal kingdom hate us in one day!"
Clint to Squint.[src]
IA4- The Rarely Seen Adorable Squint
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Hare
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Skin Color Usually pink noses
Diet Herbivore

Rabbits are mammals that are related to hares.


Herbivorous mammals, rabbits usually congregate in family groups and are well known for their prolific breeding. Long ears and large feet with which to escape possible predators are usual traits of rabbits, along with whiskers, which are used to detect food or surroundings, and large incisors, used to cut tough vegetable matter.


Small mammals that were extant since ancient times, rabbits were around during the days of the ice ages. One notable rabbit was Squint, a member of the ape captain Gutt's piratical crew.


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Animal Species
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