"…you rhinos, you have really tiny brains."
Sid conversing with Carl and Frank.[src]
Carl & Frank angry at Sid ruining their salad
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Megacerops and Embolotherium
Height 8 ft' (reality)

6 ft' (movie)

Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Usually gray
Diet Herbivore

Rhinos were large mammals that lived during the ice ages.


Thickly-skinned with tough, leathery hides, rhinos had small ears and eyes, short necks, thick bodies, short tails and short, stout legs with flat, three-toed feet. Above all, however, the rhinos had large, two-pointed horns, with some individuals sporting a thin, two-pointed horn and others one large, flat horn with two dull ends. Rhinos usually moved in herds and, when prompted to, were able to run quickly, charging down their path.


Rhinos, like many other animals of the ice ages, were among those that migrated with the other herds of animals south for the winters, leaving behind the frozen forests and plains that they had inhabited before.

Few, if any rhinos, resided in the Ice Valley, though one young male was among the younglings that resided in the valley, making use of the naturally-formed ice waterpark. This young male had been among those mammals that had encountered a Tyrannosaurus, a species of animal long since thought extinct.


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Behind the Scenes

The rhinos shown in the movies actually belong to the species Megacerops (previously known as Brontotherium) and Embolotherium (respectively Frank and Carl), two species that were closely related to each other and were part of a group of mammals called brontotheres.

Though referred to as "rhinos" in the Ice Age series, they were more related to horses rather than rhinos, in fact the trademark horn of brontotheres, unlike those of rhinos, was made of solid bone, and was more likely to have been used for display than combat.

True brontotheres were almost the size of an African elephant, sporting four toes on their front feet and three in the back. The brontotheres shown in the series are more the size of modern rhinos and have three toes on all four feet.

Both Megacerops and Embolotherium, among a large part of the animal species featured in the movies, aren't true creatures of the ice age, living about 30-40 millions years ago, during the period Eocene. Plus, the second one lived in Asia, not in North America.


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