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Robo Buck
Physical Attributes
Species Weasel
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Biological Information
Status Living
Residence(s) Buck's Mind
Friends Neil deBuck Weasel
Pythagorus Buck
Films Ice Age: Collision Course

Robo Buck was a robot weasel that was a character in another weasel's mind called Buck.


Robo Buck and his friends, Neil deBuck Weasel and Pythagorus Buck were characters that helped Crash and Eddie understand that the space rocks could save the world. A few days later, when Buck was captured by a a group of dino-birds, once they revealed their plan on surviving the asteroid, in Buck's head, Neil deBuck Weasel admitted that the plan had majored flaws. After the asteroid was diverted, Buck ended up at Julian and Peaches's wedding, dancing, as his figments danced as well.


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