Scratazon happy
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Alien saber-tooth squirrel
Eye Color Red
Hair color Aqua Blue
Fur Color Gray
Diet Herbivore (acorns)

Scratazon is a species of Alien saber-tooth squirrels that visited Earth in the past with the goal of harvesting all the planet's acorns, described in behind-the-scenes on the Ice Age: Collision Course DVD as an alien species of "all-female scrat amazons", but there was also reference to them using their teeth to attract males (whether alien males or earthly mammals, like Scrat, is not clarified).


Before the movies

As early as the Cambrian period, Scratazon discovered the Earth and that countless oak trees existed on the planet. For the following millions of years, Scratazons continued to visit Earth to harvest the planet for acorns. One day, they returned to discover the planet had been leveled by an asteroid, including many of the oak trees having been wiped out. As a result, the aliens created in what is now the Dinosaur World a temple with two statues in their image with a secret chamber containing an obelisk that pictured the extinction of trilobites during the Cambrian period, the Cretaceous extinction event, and the eventual extinction of all Ice Age species, predicting that another asteroid would bring the Ice Age to an end. This obelisk also foreshadowed that Scratazons would return to Earth again before this. They left a UFO behind for a single earth creature that discovered the obelisk to escape on, with as many harvested acorns as possible, where it would be subsequently picked up by the mothership. However, the UFO was frozen in a glacier during an unspecified time in the ice age period, so this never came to be until Scrat accidentally discovered it at the beginning of Ice Age: Collision Course.

Scrat: Spaced Out

When Scrat finally decided to use the UFO he stumbled upon to get back to Earth, the UFO was picked up by the Scratazon mothership. Scrat and his acorn were taken aboard, and the destroyed UFO tossed into the asteroid, causing it to accelerate toward the Earth faster than it had been. On the ship, three Scratazons fought Scrat for the acorn, to the point where they used the laser beams on the UFOs to get the acorn. However, this resulted in a Black Hole former, and destroying the mothership, as well as taking the Scratazons. Scrat, however, escaped with his acorn, but it was immediately sucked back into the black hole before it closed up.



Scratazons were very colorful and intelligent. They walked on two legs, similarly to a human, but looked like Saber-tooth squirrels. They attracted males with their front teeth and cracked acorn shells with their back teeth.


  • The Scratazons' UFO that Scrat discovered frozen in a glacier may have been the same frozen UFO seen in the first movie when Manny, Sid, Diego, and Roshan were trying to find a way out of the ice cave.
  • Scratazons appear to be designed after Scratte.