―Scratazon upon seeing Scrat[src]
Scratazon profile
Physical Attributes
Species Scratazon
Gender Female
Eye Color Violet
Fur Color Light Teal blue
Dark Teal blue underbelly
Biological Information
Alias Alien Scratte
Status Sucked in a Black Hole
Residence(s) Black Hole
Friends Scratazon's Guards
Shorts Scrat: Spaced Out (First appearance)

This Scratazon Leader was an Scratazon who lived in space.


Scratazon's species came down to Earth and collected acorns. They were extremely sad when an asteroid hit and destroyed everything. With her guards, Scratazon found a UFO and brought it into their spaceship. She talked with her guards and noticed an acorn. She picked it up, but her purple guard point out something odd about it. Scratazon turned the acorn around, only to find a Earth saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat. Scratazon screamed and ordered her guards to attack Scrat. They got the acorn and began to head out of the UFO. She later gets sucked into a Black Hole.

Personality & Traits

Scratazon was nice to her guards and was very bubbly, but serious. Scratazon has blue turquoise fur and a light turquoise underbelly with violet eyes. She wore a dark purple space suit and talked through her antennas.



Scratazon looks very similar and was designed after Scratte.