Sea Otter Ice Age
Sea Otter
Vital statistics
Class Mammalia
Height 1.2-1.5 meters (long)
Eye color green or blue
Hair color dark brown and white, or light brown and white
Feather color
Skin color
Diet mollusks and sea urchins
Other names
Species information
First appearance Ice Age Village
Latest appearance Ice Age Adventures
Last appearance Ice Age Adventures

Sea otters are small marine mammals that lived in the ice ages.


Sea otters are medium sized mammals who live in the ocean. These animals dive underwater hunting mollusks and sea urchins. Sea otters use rocks in order to break open the hard shells of its prey. They are the only marine mammals without blubber, as they instead use air bubbles to keep their bodies warm.


Behind the Scenes

Like many animals seen in the Ice Age franchise, sea otters aren't true animals of the ice ages, instead being from the Holocene, a period long after the end of the ice age.

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