"What's wrong with me? Everybody has somebody. And all I've got is my boyish good looks and this Mariachi band."
―Sid to Manny and Diego[src]
Sid's Mariachi Band
Mariachi Band in proposal area
Breed Beaver
Members Mariachi Band Palaeotherium
Mariachi Band Beaver
Mariachi Band Baptornis
Films Ice Age: Collision Course
Status Living

Sid's Mariachi Band was a small group of animals that includes a Baptornis, a Palaeotherium, and a Beaver that played music.


These animals were hired by Sid, a Ground sloth, which wanted them to impress a sloth named Francine. Francine was lead to a Proposal Area by Sid, where the band was prepared to play. Sid proposed to her with a clam shell, but she didn't accept. Francine turned him down and the Mariachi band still seems to be following Sid around.


Mariachi band


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