"It looks just like you."
―Brooke seeing what Sid drew of himself[src]
One of the Stones

The Sid and Brooke Stones were two crystal-like stones that Sid and Brooke, two ground sloths, gave each other.


Having to leave each other, Sid and Brooke, two sloths in love, gave each other a crystal stone. Brooke gave Sid a stone that she harved a picture of her in. Sid quickly did the same with another stone and gave it to Brooke so they could "be with each other". Sid left Geotopia and went to his home, where at his niece's wedding, he looked at his stone of Brooke sadly. Brooke later then came back to Sid.



The drawing that Sid gave to Brooke is the original drawing from the first Ice Age Movie.

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