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Skeleton Bridge
Skeleton Bridge
Inhabitants Ankylosaurus

The Skeleton Bridge was where the Sub-Zero Heroes first entered the Dinosaur World. It was a bridge made out of dinosaur skeleton which connected the Ice age world's underground cave system and the tunnel which leads to the real Dinosaur world. It was strong enough to support an adult female T-rex. It was destroyed by Buck after the Sub-Zero Heroes returned to their Ice age world to prevent anyone from entering the Dino World again. It is also where the Ankylosaurus that attacked them lived.

The Sub-Zero Heroes were attacked by the ankylosaurus that lived in it. It was shown near the end of the film again when they were leaving the cave, but Buck heard Rudy roaring and decided to stay. Buck cuts the vines supporting the dinosaur bones, destroying the bridge and the only link between Dinosaur World and the world above ground.


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