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Sabre-toothed cat
Vital statistics
Class Mammalia
Height approx. 4 feet (120 centimeters)
Eye color varying
Hair color Light Goldenrod to Orange Brown
Feather color
Skin color
Diet Carnivore
Other names Sabre-Tooth
Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Species information
First appearance Ice Age
Latest appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
Last appearance Ice Age: Continental Drift
"I wouldn't know: sabres don't feel fear...fear is for prey."
Diego regarding sabre-toothed cats' supposed inability to fear[src]

Sabre-toothed cats or Smilodons were large, carnivorous, feline mammals that lived during the Ice Ages.


Sabre-toothed cats were seen typically in small groups known as packs, such packs were held together by one alpha male who would preside over the others, making choices for the rest of the pack from how to attack prey to which direction they should take when migrating. The sabre-teeth were apt to experience grudges against those that had wronged them, and would not let whoever had wronged them alone, seeking out vengeance. Sabre-teeth could disavow their hunting ways to become less fearsome; one such sabre-toothed cat being Diego, who abandoned his hunters' ways to live with a herd of herbivorous animals. With that, some sabre-teeth could change from vicious and fierce to gentle and caring towards other creatures.

Large, four-legged carnivores, the sabre-toothed cat had thick limbs for subduing prey, sharp claws that could be used to climb some rocks, trees and ice floes. The sabre-tooth's most distinguishing characteristic was their set of scimitar-like fangs that were used to tear into prey. A thin, sandy-coloured pelt helped to make up the sabre-tooth's appearance, as well as a short bobcat-like tail.

Known sabre-toothed cats


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