"Can one of you take out the trash?
Mom! In a minute! I'm busy!
―Clint to his mom[src]
Squint's Mother
Physical Attributes
Species Rabbit
Gender Female
Biological Information
Alias Mom (by Clint)
Clint's Mom
Status Unknown
Residence(s) The Valley
Family Squint (son)
Clint (son)
Shorts Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (heard only)

Squint's Mother was a rabbit that was the mother of Squint and Clint.


This mother rabbit had two twin boys, Clint and Squint. Squint was saved from an unknown fate, by Gutt, an ape. Squint joined the crew, leaving his twin brother and mother. Later this mother reunited with her son, after Manny defeated Gutt.


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