"Modern architecture; it'll never last."
―Manny on Stonehenge to Sid and Diego.[src]
Inhabitants Humans (formerly)

Stonehenge is a vast prehistoric site a few kilometers north of Salisbury in Wiltshire in England. It is made of earth and stones standing in circles. Most scientists agree there were three main building phases, each between about 3100 BC and 1950 BC. Most of the construction took place between 2640 and 2480 BC. The site was in use until the Bronze Age. The stones are of several different varieties, some of which have been transported from many miles away. There are also several passage tombs and many Tumulus nearby.

No one knows who built Stonehenge or why they built it. During the summer solstice, the sunrise lines up with some of the stones in a particular way. This suggests that the arrangement of stones may work as a calendar. In Egypt and South America, similar very old buildings can be found which also show the time of the solstice.

In Ice Age

During the Sub-Zero Heroes' journey to return Roshan, they passed by Stonehenge; which Manny dubbed more "modern architecture" and believed that it wouldn't last long.


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