Ground sloth...just Ground sloth

We know these characters are ground sloths, of course, but I've an issue to address. We should, for starters, rename the page to just "ground sloth" because they're not *giant* ground sloths, exactly, but they are ground sloths.

Second, they're not Megatherium or Megalonyx, we don't know precisely what species they are and the "Synocnus" thing was my fault: a while ago, I tried to guess Sid's species and Synocnus, due to its size, was the closest guess that I could get. This said, we should leave the exact species name blank.

That's also a factor of the following: the directors said that Sid, as seen in the first Ice Age, was intended as a sort of mixture of both ground sloth and tree sloth traits: this sort of applies to the other species of sloth, but no specific one.

So I suggest we rename it just "ground sloth".--Macrauchenia (talk) 01:58, July 19, 2012 (UTC)