"The Falls? Where the delinquents go?"
Manny to Crash & Eddie
Teenage Hangout (area)
The Brat Pack Small 2
Sub Locations The Falls
Inhabitants Ethan (formerly)
Buddy (formerly)
Steffie (formerly)
Katie (formerly)
Meghan (formerly)
Peaches (formerly)
Louis (formerly)
Other Teen animals

The Teenage Hangout is where teenagers hang out (notably Peaches, Steffie, Katie, Meghan, Ethan and Ethan's Buddy). It has mud geyser and ice slides and is also known as The Falls. Teen animals like to hang out and chill there. Usually, the guys play Glyptodon football and slide down the ice slides, trying to see who can be the most 'extreme'.

Apparently, Peaches' father, Manny, dislikes the teenage hangout because he claims it's a 'gateway' to becoming a real teenager (such as piercing your trunk and being "addicted" to berries).


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