"Yeah, but Shira's sleeping. She went out all night hunting with the girls.
The Cougars?
―Manny and Diego[src]
The Cougars
Breed Cougars
Members Female Cougars
Films Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (Mentioned only)
Status Living

The Cougars were a group of female cougars that Shira, a Saber-Tooth Tiger, went hunting with.


Cougars are similar to saber-tooth cats, sharing traits such as large claws, powerful legs, and they both are wild big cats. These cougars often hunted at night with their friend, Shira, who was the only saber in the group. Diego, Shira's mate, calls them the girls. Shira was tired from a night hunting with the cougars, and was sleeping in Diego's den. Diego was at Manny's den, his mammoth friend, and when he asked if they could go over to Diego's den, Diego said Shira was hunting with the cougars all night and is sleeping. Manny seems to know who they are as well.


  • Female cougars