"Why can't we fear the apocalypse like a normal family?"
The Dino-Birds
Gavin, Gertie, and Roger looking at something off a cliff
Breed Dino-Bird
Members Gavin (father)
Gavin's Wife (mother)
Gertie (daughter)
Roger (son)
Films Ice Age: Collision Course
Status Living

The Dakotaraptors, also called The Dino-Birds, is an extended family of Dino-Birds with the ability of flight and agility.


The family makes a living out of stealing dinosaur eggs from other dinosaurs. The Dakotaraptors escaped the Dinosaur World, along with a weasel named Buck, who had saved one of the eggs they had stolen. Being antiheroes, they are determined to stop Buck from assisting the herd in saving the world from the asteroid.




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