"Amazing! It's like some kind of fountain of never getting old! Well, we can workshop the name later."
Shangri Llama impressed by the fountain's power.[src]
The Fountain of Youth
Geotopians Young at Fountain
Inhabitants Shangri Llama
Geotopia Shovelmouth

The Fountain of Youth is a magical fountain hidden on the outskirts of Geotopia.


This fountain has the power to make Geotopians stay in their youth, similar to the crystals they wear. It is like a geyser. One day, Teddy, a Palaeolagus, was sitting in this fountain with a ground sloth, called Granny. Granny's herd was brought in by the Geotopia tour guide, Brooke. Granny, sitting in this fountain, turned back into her younger self. Shangri Llama, the leader of Geotopia, has been seen in the fountain of youth.


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