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Buck and Egg

The Marriage of Figaro (Buck Version) was a song sung by Buck (voiced by Simon Pegg), a weasel, in Ice Age: Collision Course while he was saving an egg from a family of dino-birds.


A mother is crying, a damsel in distress,
Foreboding intruders have made such a mess.
What I detect is a lack of respect,
For all that is precious and dear!

I am the pint-sized protector of this lost world.
But my friends call me Buck.

Well played, guys!

I have a message,
"Bullies not welcome,
Return what you've stolen.
Go back where you came from."

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

You know I'm greater,
So don't be a hater.
You may be Jurassic,
But I am fantastic!

Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!

Oh, love that bit!

and Climbing,
and Spinning,
and Grinning,
and Ducking,
and Diving,
and Dodging,
and Sliding,
and Gliding,
and Staying alive,
And these are the few of the things that I do before lunch!

Death defying!
Danger denying!
Look I'm flying!
You might think I'm mad,
But Hey! You only live once!

No need to thank me.
But if you insist,
I won't resist.
Who smells like fish!?

Hold on to your butts!

Class Diiiiiisss... miiiiiisssssed!

(slurps) Ah... Good egg!

Manny: Okay. I guess... we're in.

Buck: Excellent! Now, we better get on the road, because... (looks at his wrist pretending as a watch and text of time till impact appears) Time till impact is roughly two days, four hours, 1 minute, and 16 seconds... 15 seconds... 14 seconds...

Diego: I think we get it.

Buck: I am the priceless protector of this lost world.
But my friends call me, Buck.
If you want to survive, listen to these words:

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

You know I'm greater
So don't be a hater
You may be Jurassic,
But I am Fantastic!

Diego: This is the guy who's gonna save us.
Shangri Lama: Mm-hmm.

Buck: Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!

Scrat: (sighs)

Buck: Oh, Love that bit!

and climbing
and spinning
and grinning
and... (Sid gasps) ducking
and diving
and...(Scrat grunts while dodging from asteroids)dodging
and sliding
and gliding
and staying...(All of the herd screams as they fall) alive
And these are the few of the things... (Granny screams) that I do before lunch!

Granny: That's where Granny...

Roger: (Granny wacks and smacks him on the head and on his back) YEOW!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

Granny: ...denied all your fanny!

Gavin: (sighs)

Buck: Death Defying!

(Crash & Eddie shows a thumbs up)

Danger Denying!

Julian: Sweet!!

Buck: Look I'm flying! (runs into a rock)

OWW!!! Son of a birch tree! Who placed a rock in the middle of the Jungle?!?!

Diego: Oh boy...

Manny: Did not see that coming...

Buck: You might think I'm mad

Diego: (finds Buck feeling alright with a little pumpkin after the storm) Huh?

Buck: But hey! You only lived once!

Say hi, everyone. (chuckles) isn't she gorgeous.

Sid: How can you tell it's a she? (a bit of Bronwyn's stem falls off) Oh!

Buck: No need to thank me

Mother Triceratops licks him and Baby Triceratops kisses him)

But if you insist,

(in his grandfather's voice) Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Purple sky ast night, who moved my foot cream? I need my foot cream!

I won't resist

(in devil's avid girl's voice) NO! Don't listen to the weasel! He's a raving loon! (normal voice) Sorry! I just love playing devil's advocate. And looking fabulous!

Who smells like fish!?

Scrat: (his skin falls off) AAH!!! (quickly gets it back on)

Buck: EGH! Yuck!

Hold onto your butts!

Class Diiiiiisss...

Scrat: (emerges the UFO from the ice and runs into the moon while buck sings) AAAAHHHH!!!

(Granny plugs up the last geyser with her cane)

Buck: Miiiiiisssssed!

(Meteor smashes behind the herd, explosion appears behind Buck, asteroid hits the earth during Gavin's evil plan idea, lightning strikes, and Mars turns from what happened in the past to what happened today while Buck ends the song)

Scrat: (door slams on him) OW!!!

Sid: It's definitely over! (one meteor smashes in front of him and chuckles) except for that one.

Buck: Ah, that was fun! same time same place next week. Tootles! (laughing)

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