"We've got an overturned glyptodon in the far right lane; traffic backed up as far as the eye can see!"
―The Traffic Vulture eyeing the herds of migrating animals.[src]
Traffic vulture
Traffic vulture
Physical Attributes
Species Vulture
Gender Male
Feather Color Black
Skin Color Pink
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown
Voiced by James Edmund Godwin

This vulture was among the flock of vultures that resided in Ice Valley.


A vulture known as the Lone Gunslinger informed the herds of animals that resided in Ice Valley that they valley they lived in was soon to flood over, due to the vast amounts of meltwater behind the walls of ice that surrounded the valley. With this, the herds of animals moved off in the pursuit of the one source of safety from the flood: a boat formed from a giant piece of wood.

As the animals moved along, the vulture perched himself on a nearby tree and commented on the traffic formed by the animal herds, noting that a glyptodon had been overturned as it was moving. With that, the vulture noted that a fatality appeared at that moment, prompting him to fly off with another vulture to feed on the remains.

Further on, the vulture flew overhead of the herds of animals that reached the boat, calling out that parents must not leave their children unattended, for any children left alone would be eaten.

Personality and Traits

A grim-humored bird, the vulture was happy to crack jokes about the oncoming flood at the expense of other animals, and relished feasting on whatever animal remains he found.

As with other vultures, the Traffic Vulture sported ragged black feathers with red tips, a white ruff around his neck, feet with sharp talons, yellow eyes with red pupils, and a bald, pink head with a sharp, curved beak.


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Behind the Scenes

The Traffic Vulture was voiced by James Edmund Godwin.