Game Troodon
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Animalia
Species Dinosaur
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Omnivore

Troodon were small, bipedal dinosaurs which lived during the ice age in an underground world.


Small, thin dinosaurs, Troodon had long thin necks and tails, spindly legs, grasping forearms and large, round eyes atop a beaked head. Troodon ate various foods from small animals and insects to plant matter and vegetables.


During his time in the Dinosaur World, the weasel known as Buck encountered a pair of these dinosaurs, escaping them in a chase in which he took to the trees and allowed one, in its pursuit, to crash into a coconut tree while Buck kicked the other in the head.

Further on, a trio of Troodon fed on the leftovers of vegetables that the sloth Sid attempted to feed to his dinosaur children, but fled the scene as Sid's herd returned for him.

Behind the scenes

Unlike in the movie, Troodon possessed a coat of feathers and bore a curved toe claw similar to that of dromaeosaurs.


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