So what was it I was going to say? Oh, right. Goodbye, thats the word.

Sigh. I presume the time has come for me to step down and retire from Ice Age Wiki. I first started contributing 3 years ago, resurrecting it from the dead. I am proud of what I have accomplished, but this wiki has seemed to die out. Because of the lack of activity and my other priorities, I do not have the spare time to maintain this dead wiki.

It's not just the lack of activity that has made me decide to leave, it also has to do with the fact that I think the Ice Age franchise has lost its way. Gonna rant: Since the third film, it feels like its being overdone. Scrat's acron chasing which was once funny now feels forced and sad. Diego, Crash and Eddie are only supporting characters, and Sid (who I adored earlier) has been reduced into an complete annoying idiot with no redeeming qualities. It feels like the characters don't work for me and the absence of the "Ice Age theme" in "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" makes it feel soulless and incomplete. Additionally with of the third films huge fan base and massive box-office income, it makes me find the movie to be overrated.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs was only step 1 in removing its charm. While watching the Christmas special (despite some funny moments), I was baffled about how incoherent it's time period was. Christmas in a pre-Christ period? Prancer mentioning to fasten seat belts? Crash (or was it Eddie?) referencing the city of Miami? Santa Claus being portrayed as a modern English-speaking human? The globe not covered in ice? WHAT!? It was so messed up. Heck, I even thought the recent Smurf's Christmas special was better, because it stayed true to the series and wasn't messed up (I appreciated its mix of classic 2D animation and modern CGI parts). A Mammoth Christmas was just a mess, and has just made me loose faith in the series. I still plan on seeing the fourth film in 3D, but let me tell you: it is going to suck. Seeing those huge numbers of cast members (including Nicki Minaj and Drake) just makes me cringe, and the plot, blah. I'm still a fan of the first two movies, but the later stuff just killed it.

So where to from here? Well, after being part-furry for some time, I have realize that I am a full-furry thanks to better movies like Balto, Bolt and Alpha and Omega (yes, A&O is actually better than Ice Age 3) and I am proud of being one. I have settled into the DeviantArt community (my account is Karlamon) where I have uploaded canine art and made some amazing friends. I find this a much more social place than Wikia (which is struggling to become a social network). I still maintain regular contact with TeshiKennedy117 and Lady Blue, and Lady Blue will remain as an admin and I have given him bureaucrat rights. Additionally, I have made TheSitcomLove as a replacement. Hopefully, he can gather new contributors and resurrect Ice Age Wiki.

Well, I guess its time for me to say goodbye. I've had fun here but it's time for me to move on. Wish you remaining contributors the best, and feel free to watch me on DeviantArt if you can.

This is Karlamon9 signing off.

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