The reviews are in for Ice Age: Continental Drift! With Ray Romano, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and other celebrities we know and love, did the graphics and jokes measure up to our expectations? And are we cracking up, or are the glaciers the only things cracking during this film?

What did the critics have to say about the talking 3D animals? Well, no matter what they say, it's your opinion that matters. Comment below- what did you think of Ice Age: Continental Drift?

Loved It

No overwhelmingly positive reviews have come out for Ice Age: Continental Drift but if they do come out, they will be posted here.

Thought it was OK

Daily Mail

"These are not the funniest or most interesting characters, but there’s enough humour and danger to make this the second-best of the series, after the initial Ice Age. "

"Drift's real stars, though, are Wanda Sykes's sloth, Granny, whose dottiness grows on you, and Captain Gutt, an orangutan pirate saucily voiced by Peter Dinklage. In one of the film's best ideas, Gutt terrorizes the seas on ships made of icebergs liberated from cracking glaciers."- Alynda Wheat

NY Times

"It may be too much to expect novelty — then again, why shouldn’t we? — but a little more conviction might be nice. “Continental Drift,” like its predecessors, is much too friendly to dislike, and its vision of interspecies multiculturalism is generous and appealing." - A.O Scott

Time Out

Score: 3/5

"This ‘Ice Age’ film explores similar – and sometimes similarly dreary – family-friendly themes of friendship and loyalty as its three predecessors, but it does so with such visual and aural pizazz that you can’t help but be swept along. "

LA Times

"From its 2002 beginning, the look of the film franchise has always been one of its strong points and "Continental Drift" takes it up a notch. The high-seas action and the way in which old Mother Earth is falling apart are very cool in their execution and make for great watching. The dialogue is sometimes too sluggish and definitely too preachy, the ending is a little too sappy, yet somehow this strange collection of prehistoric critters and their completely illogical life are consistently likable, if not quite lovable."- Betsy Sharkey

Hated It

The Telegraph

"Pause for a moment and savour the flagrant laziness of all this: rather than explore the unique storytelling possibilities that Ice Age’s unusual setting allows, the writers have just taken a shopworn scenario for children’s stories and made it colder."- Robbie Collin

The Guardian

Score: 2/5 stars

"The acorn-obsessed rat is the only thing worth watching in the fourth of the animation series."- Peter Bradshaw

NY Post

Score: 2/5

""Ice Age: Continental Drift” does accurately convey a sense of prehistoric times. Carbon-dating techniques peg its inspiration to approximately 2006, when movies about pirates and Tyler Perry still seemed relatively new."- Kyle Smith

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