<Not really planning to say much in here but here it goes...>

Sigh, well I never wrote a blog entry here (nor in any other Wikia wiki) and now that I do it's likely to be the last one too. So this is my first, last and only blog entry I might do (continue reading).

I don't feel like saying the same story all over again, how I found this wiki and etc. You can find that on my userpage and by this time most visitors/readers have possibly seen it at least once. It's not like Admins' userpages were more important than other users but generally we link to our pages in several guideline pages, etc. Whatever.

There are many reasons on why I am choosing to leave Ice Age Wiki and Wikia, the new look is not god-awful but it is more of a layout for presenting information than a community based encyclopedia anyone can edit. Hell, it took me a while to find the new History "button" and the Wiki Activity button is uncomfortable. Sure thing I could return to my other layout in preferences (I think I can, I dunno nor care actually).

Another reason that is not about Wikia's new look is the way this wiki has gone. By way I mean I don't like to have users uploading their Fan Fiction stories no one ever reads (Yeah, I've said it before and will continue to hold my position on that), it's not like I didn't like having them but this is an Encyclopaedia, not fanboy stuff. Wait, nevermind Wikia IS fanboy stuff, that is another reason. Just think about it, you're paying to see a movie / play a game / read a book and now spending your spare time editing online wikis? No comment on this...

I do enjoy being a fan of some stuff although most of that stuff has started to suck recently. Pokémon 5th generation sucks, Naruto started to suck after chapter 420+ when it became more of a collection of Dragon Ball references than a series... I could go on but whatever, it is not necessary although now that I've talked about the decline of quality in several franchises we could talk about Ice Age, that would be a third reason.

Ice Age 3... the first movie in my life that I've waited for for a time of over 2 years... and it sucks. I've already explained on my reviews on IMDb about how I disliked so I won't be saying much about that here. But what I can say is that I don't look forward to a fourth movie at all. Continental Drift? That was already explained on Gone Nutty and now they're using it as a plot device. I have no idea at all of what could happen in this fourth unnecessary chapter, and don't look forward to it. That being said, it is obvious I am leaving the Ice Age franchise (being a fan of it... yeah that).

The only reason I could come back would be that a teaser trailer is attached to Rio and it is interesting enough for me to watch the fourth. What would be interesting enough for me? I've explained it on the Ice Age 4 Wishlist already, no cheap animated Indiana Jones rip-off, no Dinosaurs at all, no Shrek references (Sid and Momma = Donkey and Dragon, although the only thing I liked from Dawn of the Money for Fox was Momma) and most importantly... well, you already know what I want.

It took a while to write this thing and it was interesting to do it, Will someone ever read it? I consider this Wiki pretty damn dead so I think only few will see it. Since we're getting no info until April 2011 when Rio releases and a major update in July 2012, I'd prefer to leave this Wiki blocked from edits for a few months or just leave anyone as an admin to revert vandalism.

Now unto some final words, I can just say it was interesting to work in here, I learned some stuff I'll never use outside wikis (Lol), it was nice to learn to use templates to present information but the new layout now ruins it completely. So yeah, it was fun while it lasted, but not anymore. I used to check the recent changes page daily (using a bookmark) but haven't done that in weeks, and the bookmark is removed now. I don't visit websites after I remove the bookmark I add on them.

Now, what will I do? I don't plan on checking Wikia anymore lots. Many are leaving and have left because of the new look and so I am... but just like I said before, it is still possible for me to get re-interested into the Ice Age franchise. By the way, every Ice Age movie has outgrossed its predecessors by a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars, I don't doubt Fox will try to continue doing sequels until Ice Age 6: Greenhouse effect, Ice Age 7: A Night at the Museum Crossover, and the all time favorite classic Ice Age 8: Mammoths in Space, but Ice Age 4 is the final Ice Age movie I'll *possibly* watch. Yeah maybe if it doesn't interest me I'll watch in on home video and that's it, no more Ice Age for me. No more Grumpy overprotective fathers, Lovable idiots, 40 year-old virgins nor squirrels for me. I hate you Fox.

Well, that's it, I have no idea of what can I say now so I'll just end it here. Cheers.

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