"...that hawk would have swooped down and snatched me up for dinner. That's how cousin Wilton went."
―Ellie to Manny on Wilton's demise[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Opossum
Gender Male
Biological Information
Alias Cousin Wilton
Status Eaten by a hawk
Family Mother Opossum (aunt)
Crash (cousin)
Eddie (cousin)
Ellie (adoptive cousin)
Manny (adopted cousin-in-law)
Peaches (adoptive second niece)
Julian (adoptive second nephew-in-law)
Enemies Hawk
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown (Mentioned only)

Wilton was a possum that lived during the ice ages.


Being part of a community of possums, Wilton was the cousin of the adopted mammoth Ellie and her brothers Crash and Eddie. Wilton was taken by a hawk and ate him.


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